About Dave

I am the Prop maker for Tip Top Workshop where I create objects that help to bring a theatrical, cinematographic production and cosplay to life.

Props are objects which have been used in the theatre for many centuries: they set the time period and give a special character to the production. During the Renaissance, theatre companies considered these special items as “company property”, better known as “props”.

I have been a Maker for as long as I can remember and with the advent of 3D printing it has really sparked me into making some of the things you see here on the site.

On a daily basis I can be working on a variety of props which have many different skills to bring to reality, I utilise everything I can at my disposal, 3D Printing, Modelling, Moulding, Casting, Operation of shop machinery and much more.

I am also the face of the YouTube channel, this too also involves social media skills and video production. https://www.youtube.com/c/TipTopWorkshop